Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Why are schools important for students?

Schools play a important role in students life as they are foundation stone in building career of students.

The schooling in india is divided into three main categories ::
  1. Primary Education.
  2. Secondary Education.
  3. Higher Secondary Education.

Primary schooling in india is very interesting every schools has its own method and trend which are quiet existing..small tiny tods wearing colored uniform goes to there schools with lots of tinkle in their eyes .They go and just enjoy some tids cry loud when they are asked to go schools some enjoy (kids like me).
Teachers try to teach them in playing manner they often play with learn method which is quiet intresting .

Later teacher engage students in extracurricular activities where they have to perform some stuffs on the stage and in front of classroom.
They have to perform puzzles which increase there thinking abilities ..overall they focus on student internal and external abilities to increase.

Parents can choice state board, CBSE, and ICSE board for there childrens and can find out which is the best for there kids ..

Today scenario is like if you can spend a lot of money for the education of your child you can get A grade school where all the facilities are present which encourages and help in overall development of their childrens irrespective of the other schools where the basic infrastructure and facilities are missing …forget about other activites ..

Schools plays and important role in developing social skills of students as they are going to be the future citizens of their country.

human are consider as social animal , they are taught social skills and conversation with proper communications skills to improve themselves and other.

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