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How to take care of your eyes to avoid glasses

How to take care of your eyes to avoid glasses

Eyes are the most vital organs of the body ...if not used properly you can bear huge problems such as weaken eyes, swellen eyes,reddish color,nearsightness,farsightness,etc
There are some common problems seen in teenagers as they are unable to see the words written on blackboards,TV screen and computer from a distance..
In late 40s near sight gets destroyed due to some improper habits.

After the age you must visit the opticians or eye specialist regularly.

Eye Exercise
Eye Exercise

Why eyes are getting weaker day by day

  • Excessive use of computer 
  • Improper Diet Working long hours without proper rest. 
  • Improper sitting position while using computer ,laptop and mobile phones. Sometimes may be herediatory 
  • Use of chemical preparation eye drops. 
  • Excessive usage of sodium and junk foods.
  •  During Pregnancy Wound in the eyes 
  • Infections and many more…
Eye Exercices
Eye Exercise

Who to prevent and restore 20 20 vision naturally

  • Eye Exercies 
  • Palming 
  • Working and running (Gym Included)
  • Yoga Meditations 
  • Eye robics 
  • Dietery changes 
  • eat more leafy vegetables such as spinach ,caroot,cabbage,and green coloured vegetables more in your daily diets
Include more fruits which contains vitamin c such as oranges and lemons in your diet..

Take ample amount of rest at least 8 hours sleep is compulsory.
Dr William said that above 90% of eye problem occurs due to stress and improper diet habbits..

What is palming and eye exercise?

Palming is a eye exercise which help in relaxing the eye muscle which are dormant for long run..
This exercise helps them relax and enables fresh blood flow …It one of the best exercise if facing eye problem..
Sit on a chair on in a comfortable position ..rub both of your hands and generate some heat ..keep the hand folded on eyes for 20 minutes this helps in relaxing the eyes muscle and sometime eye improve eye sight..

Hope this article helps..

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