Friday, 13 January 2017

Should I Select Information Technology as My Career?

Why Information Technology ?

IT Companies  | Software Companies
IT Companies
Ofcourse yes …But if you like playing with computers and love coding don’t just accept the fields just because your fellow known persons are going for it..
See let me make something very clear …Computer Greeks or Computer savvy person needs to be updated and it’s a continuous learning procedure if you love learning and keep yourself updated just go for it and bang the world of it or commonly know as information technology..

Due to increase in Software and IT companies in every state and city there are huge vacancies available for people who are aware of modern trends and can accept every challenges given to them..

What will it cost ?

Information technology is a cheap form of education it usually takes upto 3 to 4 years of education in reputed engineering college which offers campus selection and placement.

In India if you are from a category which has the privileges of having scholarship then hurrey…Just go for it ..

I india it will cost around 30,000 per semester..and can vary in the other parts of the country as well abroad..

You can also find some good jobs placement while doing a graduation in IT.
Will I get placed After completion of my graduation ?
Yes …if you have the potential if you have the technical skills..

I am mentioning some of the point which one should work while doing there course in IT.

  • Practice on any language which you enjoy more ..(I would say work on c and c++) because they are core language and if you get a hand on it every thing will work perfectly thereafter..
  • Work on your communication skills and soft skills and this has been made must  for a aspiring software developer .
  • Read articles of the top rated Software developers and engineers in your niche.
  • Go to discussion forums and  ask questions related to your topics which increases your awareness as well as knowledge related to the subject.
  • If possible try to answer some of the questions in your niche.
  • Last words Practice ..Practice….and Practice (as the saying goes practice makes a man perfect..)
  • Final words Best of luck..

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