Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Why Electronics and Automobile companies spreading their business worldwide

 Electronics Companies ::

Electronics Companies in India
Electronics Companies in India
Electronics good and appliances companies are spreading their business worldwide due to various reasons, open market for all companies increase in sell of electronic goods such as mobile phones, smart phones , android phones ,tablet ,computers and laptops.

These electronic companies mainly deals in television sets, such as led’s , tft’s  and  mp3 players, digital cameras, headphones, computer consumables and blue ray players.
Which has a demand worldwide …specially Chinese companies are top running companies in the global due to their cheap and affordable prices .In fact the Chinese product quality is not as good as other companies still people globally are playing an important role while purchasing in a huge numbers..

The Chinese companies doesn’t covers warranty and guarantee on certain products still users are buying their products due to low in cost and doesn’t burden their pockets.

Specially these companies are best choice in the mobile phone and smart phone section in india and western countries because of their incredible features as compared to leading brands such as Samsung  and apple .
This business has taken the global into storm as it is been a multi dollar business and has a huge profit when a certain brand has a buzz  around  the teenagers and students life.

Talking of students there are going and studying the core branches in engineering such as electronics and electronics and telecommunication which has a huge potential in their career.

Many of the multinational companies around the global are hiring professional in the electronics field as they known the latest trends in the industry and capable of delivering and valuable inputs…such energetic and enthusiasts professionals can be acid to their team and company.
Automobile companies ::
Automobile Companies in India
Automotive Companies in India

As the electronic market is booming so the automobile section is also going to its peak many of the multinational brands have launched their bikes, cars ,spots bikes ,sports cars into the market and getting a huge response from the people around the world ..many of the brands have a valuable customers groups which are intend to buy only branded products.

Small or average earning people are also going for the brand whether they are hurting their pockets or not only they can answer them.
I have seen some college going students with expensive mobile phones ,gadgets , and sports bikes you can surely imagine how crazy these youngster are being using these stuffs.
There are various famous companies which are topping the tables in selling and creating brand awareness of their products using electronic media and paper media ..Throwing billions of dollars in advertisement just for the sake of branding.

Imagine the profit margin of the companies while promoting their business .Just look their brand ambassadors and what amount they are paying them ….you will be surprised…I am …

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