Friday, 13 January 2017

Why people loves restaurants and hotels for dining?

Restaurants and Hotel's ::

Restaurants are for cuisine and all about taking breakfast ,lunch and dinner alone or with loved ones,there is no facility for lodging and accommodation..

Whereas on the other hand hotels provides there customers accommodation,lodging with food.
Hotels and Restaurants are not only for enjoying food they are widely used in celenrations ofbirthday parties,marriages,anniversaries,business meetings and small gettogthers..

Here according to me are some opinion on dining in restaurants and hotels …

Change of Taste ::

Some people likes to outside just for change of taste ….probably bored of eating same recepies again and again..

Home sickness::

This happens when an individual is uprooted in same place for quiet a time ..They usually go out to take a fresh air and enjoy outdoor cuisine..

Bored of Work ::

As I am a computer programmer I usually get bored and sometimes even frustrated of doing same job again and again . To just have a change I go out …It applies to many individuals to whom I have seen before..

Foody nature ::

Some people I have seen in my life go outside just to enjoy food because they are foody in nature..likes ,enjoy’s food outside their homes..

For Enjoyment::

My housewives drives their husbands  outside sake of enjoyment and refreshment..

Childern’s ::

Childrens loves going out on vacations and holidays .They are so good in it even if you don’t wanna go or don’t have time from office’s and work still they have a nak of getting their parents out with ease ..sometimes emotional blackmailing ..happens to me often..

Friends and Family members::

Talking about friends they don’t have to do anything just give them a call and all are present willingly or unwillingly.They force you with authority and we have no chance to escape..
They live us with no choices…(After all they are friends and have rights to do so.)

Business meeting :: No choice (as they say !!BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!)

Friends these were some of the reasons why people go out in restaurants and hotels ..i may have been skipped or forgot to add some thing but there is usually some one  smarter in the room please notify me..if not mentioned anything.

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