Tuesday, 17 January 2017

What is fashion for you ?

Fashion is well-known or popular way to dress, wear jewellery,and footwear.This is a way to shown others about your personality who you are ? What do you think about yourself?.
You can wear stylish and expensive clothes to look good .some people I came across wear high quality dress to feel confident and look good inside rather than looking good outside..

 Fashion comes with trends ..some trends or pattern vanish in short period of time some last longer.usually many people follows famous actor and actresses and look their wearing stylish and copy them.

According to other cloths are not just to cover your body they are to express your confidence and yourself ..how you feel about it.

According to me fashion is a way of handling cloths ,jewellery ,accessories, footwears where you are very comfortable those things can be carried out whole day without irritating or feeling uncomfortable.

Clothing fashion in under develop or developing countries comes from western culture .They try to follow and even copy the hair styles, clothing styles ,footwears every thing ..You must have seen today the trends follows like anything tattoos, coloring hairs, wearing trousers which cannot be seen few years back.

But one thing for sure fashions comes and go…and fashions repeats itself with something new..

Jewellery ::

Jewellery showrooms in the industry and jewelers are high in demand today..hand made jewellery are priceless .They come with innovative design and style.
Women’s are fond and even obsessed  about there jewellery . Imagine what is the best friend for women’s ….RIGHT “Diamonds’” ..

Specially in Asia countries you can see womens wearing huge amount of gold ornaments in wedding,parties and birthday bash.
Without jewellery, accessories and proper outfit you can not imagine a women’s or girl’s going to any where.

This is a evergreen business which has lasted from several decades. from kings to queens even average earning people buy ,purchase gold, silver ornaments ..It’s just like a culture and tradition..or even ritual.

Footwear Fashion ::

This is one of the bigger industry …same as jewellery and clothing..high heel sandals ,sports shoes every thing ..

There are different footwears for different purposes (Running,sports,parties) all are different from each others..Billion dollars turnover business.

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