Friday, 13 January 2017

Missing Wife and Girlfriend where to find them ?

?? Missing Wife and Girlfriend

Go to their favourite beauty parlour or beauty salon 99% chances you will find her (lol).Girls and womens are so passionate or you can also say so obsessed with their looks and overall presence they can throw literally any work given to them ..

 Looking and feeling good is their primary objective in life. You dare try to ask them why they went to parlour or salon you find so many answers ,excuses even google will be unable to find such things.. I have once dare asked my wife about her parloured love …She gave me an amazing reply I found so interesting I was unable to stop myself from writing ….

  • I was so Bored…no one was here to talk to me..
  • I love you sweetheart
  • I hate you
  • There is a marriage Celebration(here I just need to mention the marriage is going to place approx 3 months after here parlour visit)
  • Hate my job
  • You childrens are so annoying
  • My friends are separating and so on..
Hard to find some logical explanation behind it but still you don’t have any choice to nod your head …jaan …honey you are right..
But still after hearing this lame excuses I tried to find out the correct reasons behind it please add and comment me if I forget or skipped something..
My conclusions::
  • Reinventing themselves
  • Pampering 
  • Copying hairstyle from their friends and actress
  • Envy or jealous of friends who are prettier then themselves (and if their husband was stearing wife friend in a party)
  • Updating with latest trend in hairstyling and fashion ..
  • To Relax ,boosting their morale..
  • Attract …Attract …Attract

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