Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Why people keep pet animals at home ?

People keep pet or companion animal for the protection and for company.There are various animals which are consider to be pet are Dogs which comes first cats,cows,buffalows etc.
Which gives them protection and avoid loneliness .These animals doesn’t only gives protection but sense of compassions between the owner and themselves.

Pet Animals
Pet Animals
Dog is consider to be the most faithful animal of all and people love to keep them in the family ..These pet animals are not just animals they are a part of the family..

Some people keep gold fish, lizard, snakes, rabbits, turtle, parrots, horses etc as their companion..

Consider a animal like dog they don’t only gives us protection or guard us .They have a health benefit to , while taking them to a morning or evening walk.

Preventive measures while keeping pets..

There are several advantages of keeping pets at  home as there are 2 sides of coins there are disadvantages 2 if not taken care properly..

  • Health Related issues
  • Spread of contagious diseases such as rabis.
  • Their hair fall leads leads to many diseases
Their saliva can infect some of the infants in the house.

These animals must be taken to animal doctors which are capable of giving “animal therapy” to them to avoid certain diseases.
When keeping a pet in house you must take care of “animal rights” some non – government organization keep an eye on misused and harming of pet animals.
Adopt animals from recognized pet shops and pet clinic before adoption please read the paper for any hassel afterwords.

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