Monday, 16 January 2017

How to Decorate My Home

Decorate My House like a Pro

Home Decorations
Home Decoration


House is made of some bricks,cements,iron etc but a home is made of feelings and saved your precious money from years and years to buy a new home worked hard ,didn’t care of day and night.

This was the dream you accomplished …and rightly purchasing a new house in this era is as difficult as you can imagine ask any person who lives in an rented apartment or is a paying guest the hurt which he has of not owning a house only he can describe that feeling..

So after purchasing or shifting to a new house just follow the below given measure to decorative your dream home..

Decorating a house is like writing poems on a blank paper ,you can get an expert advice on it or can do it on your own..


You can take up an expert advice in decorating and maintaining your home.This is a specialist field which have emmense experience in giving a new look to offices,companies,houses and bungalows.They are so good that you can not imagine the house before and after difference..

Services offered by Interior designers::

  • Complete renovation of small and big houses,bungalows,offices
  • Starting from colour of paints
  • Furnitures (Design of modular kitchen,bedrooms,living room etc)
  • Clever and amazing arrangement of furnitures and antiques.
  • POP (Brilliant Design in Plaster of Paris)
  • home appliances 
  • Finalizing in paint


Get new furniture’s which suits the interior structure of your house,office or bungalows.

Renovate or remake the furniture which suits your colour combinations.

Arrangement of the furniture’s which feels and looks good.

Nice color combinations furniture’s…special advice get handmade furnitures which are good and last longs..In today’s era many handmade furniture’s looks awesome and durability is good.

You can paint by selecting colour combination on your own or getting a special advice from the experts.Before you finalize a colour pattern give it a second thought and try on a wall to be absolutely certain..

Or you can use software program to identify the look and feel of colour …Don’t use bright and dark colors..

Some people also take advice of astrologes and vastu shastra expert …who are good in advising and guiding people.

Home Appliances  ::

There are many companies who can deliver goods on certain demands .you can purchase high quality utensils to have it in your kichen area.

Match your home appliance with the color combination of modular kitchen set …and rock your kitchen area.

At last this is the place where our food gets ready and when the atmosphere is good here the receipe made look mouth watering ..
Many of the kitchen are not carved in way that intemet must be taken care as a small baby ..

Proper arrangement of air flow install an exos fan for nice atmosphere in kitchen can make a dining table which suits the interior of kitchen..
Install a decorative wash basin to clean utensils and wash vegetables and clean other stuffs which are required in kitchen.


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