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what is dos?

Ms Dos stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System which was developed by Microsoft Corporation for IBM and was called as PC-DOS.

MS DOS is a operating system which is a non gui based and it is operated using some basic and advance internal and external dos commands and used in command shell or command line.

There are different types of operating system and commonly categorized in GUI and NON-GUI msdos belongs to the category of non GUI [Graphical User Interface] where we cannot find any graphics or the use of any mouse like devices.

When Microsoft first launched their GUI based operating system it used to start from dos when a command was types in command shell like win
Dos operating system is not used as often as windows due to its advanced features and easy to use and handle. This OS has ruled the computer industry from few decades and the customer response is amazing compared to old OS such as msdos.

 Before going to further details on how to use dos you must be aware of some basic dos commands and its features to study dos and its internal and external commands you must be familiar with their use and advantages as it would help you immensely to study the topic and get expertise in the field of dos.

Dos Commands are basically divided in mainly 2 types ::

A] Internal Dos Commands
B] External Dos Commands

Internal Dos commands are those commands which are directly executed within the system file called as this file is mainly responsible for all execution and functions of dos internal commands.
If the file is broken or damaged or corrupted it would be hard to execute or run any of the internal dos command.

This file is situated in the root directory of hard disk drive or where you have installed your operating system mainly people or users install operating system on drive C.

Some common examples of internal dos commands ::

Cls ,date ,time,ver ,copy con etc.

Cls ::This command is used for clear all the previous output on the screen.

Date ::This Command is used for displaying current date of the Computer system.

Time ::This command is used for displaying current time of the computer

Ver :: It is used for checking the version of the operating system.

Copy con ::  This command is used for creating a new file .

External Dos Commands :: This commands are executed and run from external source it need supporting files to execute this command cannot run without any supporting files.
These type of files are located in c:\windows\command name directory in windows 98.
These commands are very powerful dos commands which must be used carefully and once used cannot be reverse as it directly affect your computer hard disk drive and its programs as well as its data which is available in computer.
Some of the basic external dos commands are mentioned below::

Format,edit,doskey,xcopy ,copy

Format:: This command is used to format or erase all existing data available on computer hard disk drive.

Edit :: It is used to create or edit or update file which are present in computer.

Doskey :: this command remember all previously used dos commands so that you don’t have to type the same command over and over again.

Xcopy :: It is used to copy all folders including all files and subfolders from one location to another.

Copy :: This command is used to copy all files from one location to another.

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