Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What should I look before buying computer?

Computer has been an integral part of human society The modern day computer has reduced human efforts significantly .The work or job which used to take long hours to rectify or solve can be done with finger tips with a blink of an eye.

The use of modern day computer in research and science made discoveries and new inventions much easier as they can perform complex to complex problem with ease.
They are widely used in educations and online studies students prefer online studies or distance learning rather than the traditional way.

Before buying computer you should take a note on following::

You must look want your needs are let say you want to perform programming you should buy a computer or laptop which supports your programming language some programming language can run or execute on certain pc configurations lesser configuration it does not allow to access.

If you are in the field of designing or graphics you must buy a computer or laptop which has a graphic card installed which supports high resolution images and pictures because low graphic resolution some time does not produce high quality images and pictures..

Some of the best graphic card manufacturer are  :: Nvdia,Asus

You must check for motherboard and its compatibility now question arises what is a motherboard? and its different types? motherboard is nothing but a piece of PCB[printed circuit board] which helps all the other components to be attached such as power supply ,hard disk drive ,dvd rw etc.

Check for hard disk which capacity of hard disk drive is compatible with your motherboard and cpu
Use high quality and high speed ram[random access memory] which enhances the performance of computer and increases the data exchange speed resulting in good speed of computer and laptops.
Check for good quality of Cabinet or computer cases

One of the most important devices is the CPU [central processing unit ] also called as microprocessor .choose high quality processor preferably choose intel which is one of the best and its features are excellent.

 Choose LED monitors over tft or crt because they consume more electricity and need large space of accommodation while led [Light emitting diode ]are thinner and smaller less consumption of heat and electricity is the major advantages while using led monitors over crt.

Examples of led monitors manufacturers:: Dell ,Samsung , I ball , Toshiba

Multimedia wireless keyboards and mouse which are easy to access with no wires which are usually gets damaged when misused in case of wireless there are no such drawbacks just need to install some batteries and you are ready to go::

Some best manufacturer of keyboard and mouse :: Logictech, Iball         

Now after you have chosen all the computer peripherals and devices assembled them and install operating system which ever you prefer I personally suggest you to install windows 10 operating system in to your computer
Some users are also using windows 7 and windows 8 operating system because they fulfill their requirements.
Now you can install operating system by using dvd or pendrive..

1] create a bootable usb pendrive using free software like rufus or win to flash as they are free and easy to use
2] go to cmos setup and change the boot order to pendrive.
3] Follow the instruction which appears on the computer screen and you are ready to go..

1] insert windows 7 dvd in dvd-rw or insert bootable pendrive
2] go to cmos setup or bios configuration and change the necessary setting and restart the computer.
3] Follow the instructions which appears on computer screen .

Final words ::
After Windows installation is completed install all the necessary software and application which you will be using and please don’t forget to install any legal antivirus software which helps computer to protect form harmful viruses and malicious program.
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