Monday, 11 September 2017

overall explanation on computer terminology

Computer is an electronic machine which accepts data in raw format and process the data in human understandable format modern day computer can store or save incredible amount or volume of data in computer hard disk drive or external sources such as external hard drives or usb pen drives or in DVD’s.

Computer were invented to perform numerical calculations which were difficult to handle and the use of these modern machine has made users life easier compared to old days..

In the first generations of computer they used vacuum tubes which used to emit huge energy while processing and needed large space for accommodation and installations.

Computer are used in health space research military every where they are an integral part of human society and has made a significant role in the development of human race.

Computers have mainly 2 parts computer hardware and software let us discuss on each topic in brief.

Computer hardware are the parts or components which are used in computer such as Computer motherboard ,hard disk drives and other peripherals and devices which are commonly used like printer scanner etc.

These components can be touched and feel unlike computer software’s the computer hardware cannot work efficiently without system software and application software’s.
Has the overall development of computer there are several companies which manufacture or developed new technology based hardware components peripherals and devices keeping in mind of users need.

Computer use has a significant role in weather forecasting and educations name any field you will come to know the use of computer and how important it has been in reducing human effort while use and their practice.
Computer peripherals and devices are cheaper these days because of the high intense competition around the IT companies which manufacture these devices these devices are readily available in any part of the world.
Computer software can be divided into two major category .

A] System Software
B] Application Software

System software’s are those software or programs which is must for any computer to perform to its full functions. This software’s are the integral part of computer system.
The common examples of system software are operating system and device drivers.
Operating system directly contact computer devices to functions as it send necessary programs to run and execute.

The famous operating system are msdos which is designed and developed by Microsoft corporation other used operating system of Microsoft are WINXP WIN7 WIN8 etc.

On The other hand mac and linux are famous in some category of users who are highly advanced.
Application software are those software’s which are designed and developed for some specific task which makes the load or burden of the users less as it can do complex to complex functions with a fraction of time and resulting in saving time and money .

Microsoft corporation has also developed some application software for their users which are highly popular such as MS-OFFICE ,there are also pre installed application software which comes directly with the operating system when installed in computer hard disk drive.
For example :: paint.

Some software developer developed software on specific and special demand or requirement of customers .

According to a study the main threat to computer is a virus .

Computer virus is nothing but a program or code which is designed and developed to harm computers and steal their sensitive information which can be details of credit cards.
Computer virus can delete important system files which are necessary to boot computer they can even delete ,replicate and hide itself and can infect other computer when comes in contact.
The primary source of spreading computer virus is internet and removable device such as hard disk and usb pendrives.

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