Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What are computer devices and peripherals?

There are 2 types of computer devices

A] Input devices of computer systems
B] Output Devices of Computer Systems

Input devices of computer systems are those peripherals and devices which accepts data in raw format and present this data or instructions to computer for further processing later this data is fetched and we acquire result in readable form.

List of common input devices of computer systems ::

Optical Card Reader (OCR)

Keyboard :: Keyboards are used for entering some instruction and presenting data to computer systems.

There are mainly three kinds of keyboards available in market

A] PS2 Keyboard
B] USB keyboard
C] wireless keyboard

Mouse ::It is a input device of computer system which is also a pointing devices and is used for selecting dragging and dropping .

There are also three types of mouse.
A] PS2 mouse
B] USB mouse
C] Wireless mouse

Scanner :: Scanners are used to scan images and documents and helps in storing the data into computer hard disk drives.

Output devices of computer system  are used to produce or receive output from computer when users enters input with the help of input devices such as keyboard or mouse.
The desired output is received from computer in such a form which is easily readable.

For example :: if you have scanned a picture or image with the help of input device such as scanner the image document or picture is saved or stored in computer memory or computer hard disk drive later you can obtain the image in the form of output with the help of printer.

Another example let say you have entered something using keyboard as a input devices you can receive output on the screen of monitors.

Here below I have listed some common examples of output devices::
Touch Screens
LCD Monitors or LED Monitors
Sound Cards

Monitors ::They are used in producing output and commonly called as VDU[visual display unit] and are used in displaying text image and pictures on their screen.

Before some time people used to use CRT [cathode ray tube] which was a square shape monitor which used to take a lot of space for its installation and consume lot of electricity.
Nowadays people use tft lcd and led for displaying the content and are hugely popular these days due to its low cost and high resolution graphics and images.

Printers:: there are various types of printers available in market dotmatrix ,lazer, inkejet,photo printers which are used specifically for various purposes
For example:: A dotmatrix printer is used for a large volume of print outs where the print quality is low compared to lazer and inkjet printer.

They are used typically in large organizations where there is a need of high volume printouts.

Lazer printers:: They are used where users need a high quality printouts in high volume .

Photo printers ::They are used by professionals and advanced users where they need high quality printouts of images and pictures.

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