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What is Programming Languages?

What is Programming Languages?

What is Programming Languages
What is Programming Languages
Programming language are special types of languages which are installed in computer system as application software. These Programming languages use special syntax, keywords and instructions which are easily understood by our own computer system to get desired output.

There are mainly two types of programming languages::
1] High-Level Languages
2] Low-Level Languages

 High-Level Languages are also known as formal computer languages .These language are nothing but a collection of computers vocabulary and set of grammatical rules which are primarily responsible to communicate or co-ordinates with computer system to obtain or perform certain task and jobs.

High Level Languages are used to create applications software and scripts which can be used by end user to perform their tasks and jobs to receive proper and accurate results.

Example:: Imagine you are running a company with hundreds and hundreds of employees working for you .You can create a application software or user written software to maintain their records such there joining data personal information’s.

Any this software which you have developed with the help of software engineer can calculate the salary of your employees within fraction of second with deduction and incentives which used to take several long hours when done manually.

High Level languages need help of interpreter to convert the code into machine level language which is in the form of binary 0s and 1s.

Common Examples of High Level Languages :: BASIC, VISUAL BASIC, JAVA, C++, DOT NET and so on.

Low Level Languages :: These languages are called as basic language or machine level languages which is in the form of 0’s and 1’s .These machine language is highly complex then high level languages which I have mentioned above.

Machine level language does not use interpreter to convert binary language as it is easily understood by computer system.

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