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What is Computer Booting and Types of Booting?

What is Computer Booting and Types of Booting?

When you press the on switch present on the CPU [Central Processing unit] or in other words an on switch present on the computer cabinet or chassis computer start to respond or start this is called as computer booting.

As soon as you press the power on the key from computer cabinet disk is loaded from RAM [Random Access Memory] for further activities necessary for the complete and secure boot process.
The list of the task done when the computer starts it booting process.








Let us discuss each and every operation in details follow me

What is POST?

POST stands for [Power on Self Test] that actually means in this process computer check itself firstly it check ram whether or not it is damaged or corrupted and diagnosed the size and capacity of RAM.
Later it checks for all the components and peripherals which are attached to it are working in proper order.

For Example, it checks hard disk cables, DVD Cables and so on. If anything unusual and suspicious occurs during the process of computer booting and if found it displays an error message on the computer screen.

What is Boot Record?

After the process of POST ends the control is shifted to boot record which is responsible to maintain all the necessary records important like the size and the characteristics of computer hard disk drive.

 What is Dos Kernel?

This is a very important process in computer booting or computer starting point where dos kernel is loaded in the memory for further processing.

What is System Configurations?

After the dos kernel is loaded into the computer memory it finds a system file.These system files basically have an extension of .sys which are responsible for better functionality where these system files can be changed according to the user requirement.

As these are most important system files of the computer it is highly recommended never change or edit or remove this file from the computer system as it can affect the complete boot process of computer and will prompt an error message when finding any vulnerability.

What is a file?

There is a primary system file which is responsible for the computer to start properly without any disturbance as this file is loaded in computer memory after the system files are configured.
Before we talk further you must be aware of how to boot from a CD or DVD?

What are the types of Computer Booting?

There are mainly two types of computer booting

1] Warm Booting
2] Cold Booting

Now let us discuss on what is warm booting?

Warm Boot is a process where you intentionally restart or shutdown your computer by pressing a CTRL+SHIFT+DEL key from the keyboard or just by pressing reset switch present on the computer cabinet.

Reset Switch is normally seen just behind or beside the Power key present on computer chassis or computer cabinet. It is usually smaller than the power key.

These warm boots are usually done when the computer stops responding or freeze due to an internal error these can occur because of virus infection or computer hardware malfunction.

What is Cold Booting?

Cold Booting is a process where you just start your computer by pressing power on the key from computer cabinet.

Can I Change The Boot Order of Computer System?

The answer is a “BIG YES”

To Boot or start a computer from any other sources you must be aware of CMOS or BIOS configuration of computer system .Let me try to explain what I said above.

BIOS configurations is a motherboard utility which is used to change the system configuration according to your needs let say you need to change the boot order of computer may be you need to install a fresh operating system from USB pen drive or DVD or CD. It is mandatory to change the boot sequence accordingly.

Here is a sample picture how BIOS utility programs look like.


Go to advanced option change the boot sequence accordingly.

Now if you want to install any operating system on your computer using USB pen drive or any other USB medium change the setting which suits you the best. Before starting you must create a bootable pen drive using any free software’s like Novicorp Win to flash or Rufus.

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