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What are the different parts of computer system?

What are the different parts of computer system?

Computer Memory::

Computer Memory, in other words, is also called as RAM [Random Access Memory].Computer memory is a thin filament or PCB [Printed Circuit Board] where some electronic components are attached to it.

Computer CPU [Central Processing Unit] performs all its operations and tasks with the help of RAM. The RAM is a type of volatile memory where data is lost once the power is off and computer shutdown or even computer restarts.
The Computer speed mainly depends upon 2 factors computer processor and RAM the higher its configuration higher the speed.

computer ram
Computer Memory

The Computer memory comes in different of sizes, capacity, and cost. Their many variants of computer memory available in the market nowadays such as ddr1, ddr2, ddr3, ddr4 where DDR stands for the dual in-line memory module.

As many of us know that ddr1 and ddr2 are outdated and hence no point in using and purchasing these types of memory. Computer memory comes in varieties of sizes and capacity such as 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16 GB where GB stands for the capacity to hold or store data.

Famous Manufacturer of RAM are::
Dynet, Hynix, Iball, Transcend.

Computer Hard Disk Drive::

The Computer Hard Disk Drive is a type of computer memory and is non-volatile in nature let me explain to you what is non-volatile it means the data is almost stored or saved permanently and can be recalled or retrieve whenever the request demands or call.

The data stored in computer hard disk is not lost when the computer fails to boot or there is a power failure.

computer hard disk drive
Computer Hard Disk Drive
The Computer hard disk drives come in varieties of sizes like 250 GB, 320 GB, 500gb, 1tb, 10tb.The operating system is installed in computer hard disk to use the computer to its full potential and later all the applications software are installed for better functionality and according to your needs.

The Famous manufacturers of computer hard disk are as follows Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung and so on.


These are optical drives of the computer system where you can use cd and DVD for better functionality and additional features. With the use of cd and DVD, you can install computer operating system on your fresh and used computer and laptops.
DVD Stands for digital versatile disk or digital video disk. Using cd or dvd you can play games, watch movies and installed applications software according to your needs.

The famous manufacturers of DVD RW are as follows:
Sony, HP, LG and so on.


Modem is an external computer device which is used to connect a computer with internet.There are two types of modern internal modem and external modem.
As the computer technology has developed the use of modem are restricted and USB cables are used more often to connect to the internet and in a computer network.

Sound Card::

Sound is the computer devices which are connected to computer system internally on one of the slots available on motherboard preferably they are installed on PCI Slot.

sound card
Computer Sound Card

Sound cards convert analog signals into digital signals and hence we can hear sound while playing games and watching videos.


Computer monitors are used to viewing the output presented by the CPU [Central Processing Unit].It is used to view images, graphic, and videos on the screen.

TFT Monitor

Computer monitors come in variety of shapes and sizes before some years people used to use CRT [Cathode Ray Tube] monitors but as the computer 
technology advanced to different level users are using TFT [Thin Film Television] or LCD [Liquid Crystal Display] or LED [Light Emitting Diode] monitors because of its clearer picture quality and better resolutions.

The Famous Manufacturers of Monitors are as follows:
LG, Samsung, BenQ, HP, SONY and so on


Keyboards are the famous types of input devices of computer system has when used it converts all the characters in human readable form and present on the computer screen.
Computer Keyboard

There are various types of computer keyboard available in the market but here I am going to mention a few of them.

1] PS2 keyboard
2] Normal keyboard [outdated]
3] USB Keyboard where USB stands for Universal Serial Bus
4]  Wireless Keyboards.

Speakers :: Computer Speakers are the types of output devices of computer system which usually transfer the electrical signals into digital signals and hence we hear a sound.


Speakers are connected to a computer system so that we can hear sound while playing games and videos.

Microprocessor ::

The computer microprocessor are also called as CPU [Central Processing Unit] which is installed on computer inside CPU SOCKET.

Central Processing Unit [CPU]

The Famous manufacturer of Processor is INTEL and AMD.

Computer Motherboard::

There are different types of motherboard and different motherboard form factors. Computer motherboards are nothing but a piece of PCB [Printed Circuit Board] where all electronics components are attached to it.

Computer Motherboard

Famous manufacturer of computer motherboard are INTEL and Asus

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