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Digital Computers and Their Types

Digital Computers and Their Types

Digital computers are those computers which translate the data or information given to them in binary form which means in 0s and 1s and they perform accordingly when data or information are presented to them in binary form which is the language they rely upon or in other words they can easily understand.

 The digital computer is further categorized or divided into many ways which I am going to mention below have a look.
Microcomputer:: These computer posses or have a microprocessor which is an integral and important part of the computer system. The microprocessor are also called as CPU which stands for the central processing unit of the computer system.

Digital Computer
Digital Computer

The first microprocessor was built or invented in the year 1971 by Intel incorporation and the inventor was Edi Roberts.
After microprocessor was launched it made a boom in the computer hardware industry and Intel corporation almost captured the majority of the share in the IT World.

 Meanwhile, several IT companies came and launch their microprocessors such as Cyrix and AMD but they would unable to stand against Intel in a highly competitive world where Intel was playing like a boss.
Intel Corporation later develops there cpu’s with a single core , dual core and triple core which performed several actions in milliseconds which boosted the speed of the computer to a different level as this cpu or microprocessor was fast and was able to handle several operations at a single time it was a multitasking microprocessor.

Advantages of Micro Computer

  • They were small in size and the cost was very cheap and under budget.
  • They are also called as Personal computer or PC as they were developed and designed for personal and home use.

  • They are also called as single user system as only one person can perform actions and perform desired task and operations.
  • They have the low processing power and primary memory.

Mini Computers::

Minicomputers are more advanced as compared to microcomputers they are incredibly faster than a microcomputer .They have a speed nearly 10 times more than microcomputers.

Advantages of Mini Computers:

  • Their size is more than microcomputer but comparatively less than mainframe computers.
  • They work on the principle of time sharing.
  • They are also called as a multi-user computer system.
  • For Example:: PDP 70.

Main Frame Computers::

  • They are very large in size as compared to mini and microcomputers
  • They have a huge storage capacity which leads to the stored huge amount of data in the memory.
  • They are also called as multi-tasking computer system as a user can perform several tasks in a single time.
  • They are used in laboratories and numerical calculations.
  • Example:: IBM 3090

Super Computer::

These Supercomputers are the fastest computers as compared to all other computers which I have mentioned above.These supercomputers have a logical design structure and can perform a logical operation with high speed and incredible accuracy.

These computers have a high data storing and processing capacity as they are built, design and develop with the enormous amount.

These Computers are not developed for home or personal use they are widely used in space research, military and other sensitive and secrets operations
First Indian supercomputer was named as “PARAM”



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