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What is a Dos Operating System?

What is a Dos Operating System?  and Dos Commands

MS-Dos is an operating system which is based on non-GUI [Graphical User Interface] technology. A computer system needs a system software or in other words operating system to run smoothly or in full functionality.

Microsoft Disk Operating System

Dos operating system stands for [Microsoft Disk Operating System] which is designed and developed by Microsoft in the year 1981 for IBM.

This Operating system acts as an intermediate between user and computer system. To run this operating system user must be familiar with basic dos commands which are internal and external dos commands.

What are internal dos commands?

Internal dos commands are those commands which are executed within a command file named as this file is found missing or corrupted or damaged or deleted those internal dos commands will not be executed as these commands require a supporting file named as

To require the desired result in msdos one must type certain commands to derive specific results.
Some of the examples of basic internal dos commands are as follows:
  • Ver
  • Vol
  • Time
  • Del
  • Md
  • Cd
  • Copy con
  • Cls
  • Date
  • Ren

And so on

What are external dos commands?

External dos commands require external files which are stored in computer hard disk drive or any other bootable medium. The user will be unable to execute certain external dos commands if and only if supporting files found missing.

Some of the examples of external dos commands are mentioned below:

  • Xcopy
  • Diskcopy
  • Doskey
  • Chkdsk
  • Edit
  • Checkdisk
  • Attrib
  • Scandisk

And so on..

To Run this operating system the computer system needs to run store it in the computer memory. Dos works as the intermediate between hardware and software it translates the dos commands which are typed using the computer keyboard and later it stores in computer hard disk drive.

Advantages of using MS-Dos Operating System
  • Creating file, deleting and renaming
  • You can view a complete list of files and directories which are stored in computer hard disk drive.
  • You can divide computer hardware into separate two parts.
  • You can also format the new floppy disk.
  • You can also backup from floppy to hard disk and hard disk to floppy it's vice-versa
  • You can also be using wildcards for better performance.

Does Dos Perform on it own?
  • It controls CPU and Computer memory
  • It identifies computer harmful viruses
  • It distributes various programs in computer memory
  • It also controls and regulates various other devices in computer memory
  • It takes instructions from the keyboard and presents on the computer screen.

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