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What is Operating System? and its types

What is Operating System? and its types

What is Operating System
What is Operating System
Operating system in other words can be called as system software which is responsible to run computer hardware and software to its functionality.
Operating Systems are also called as OS which acts like and intermediate between computer user and computer hardware.

No computer can run without an operating system as it manages computer resources and computer software to derived the result .Operating system [OS] is considered as the most important program of the computer system without it user can not be able to access computer system to its full potential.

Operating system also performs important task like performing a scan on input section and output section of the computer systems as well as it recognizes and carry out operations like receiving inputs from keyboards and presenting output with the help of computer screen and printers.

It also manages computer files and directories present in the computer hard disk drives which are responsible to communicate with the users while performing some special and defined task and operations.

For all general purposes like executing system and application software we require system software which is Operating system or OS.

When computer were first invented the computer users had a single tool which was called as command line where user used to type certain commands to derived required results.

This interface was named as Non GUI which stands for Graphical User Interface this interface was unable to handle request for mouse or any other pointing devices like pen like stylus or pointers. They preferably used keyboards as their input medium and heavily relied on computer screen to present outputs.

To use this type of interface users had to know some common and basic dos commands which were very hard to memorize and execute . Dos commands are nothing but a syntax for some special characters which were typed in the system using computer keyboard to derived accurate result.

As this process was long and tedious people got bored easily and later new operating system were developed which were possessed with GUI Interface [Graphical User Interface] where users just need to operate computers using pointing devices like mouse.

With the help of this pointing devices or input device user found it extremely easy to communicate with computer sytem.

Classifications of Operating System?

Multi User: This type of operating system can be accessed by more than single user at a time as they have the capability to run the program multiple times by the users.

Multiprocessing:: This type of Operating System has more than one CPU [Central Processing Unit]

Multitasking:: More than 1 program can be executed or run on this type of systems.

Multithreading: At a single time a single program can be run simultaneously

Characteristics of Operating System?

The Computer Operating System is nothing but a collection of system program which can run or have the capacity to run another program at a single given time.

The Computer OS is capable to perform input and output functions of computer system as well as control and co-ordinates with another computer hardware devices attached with system. 

The OS also coordinates with internal and external process of system and help the run smoothly and if any this goes wrong it prompt users with a error message on the computer output device which is mainly computer screen or monitor.

Not only it regulates and controls computer hardware and software it also help application software to run and execute within its system. One thing to mention here the application software you are going to use in your system be similar to the OS which you are using or in other words the platform which operating system has been developed must be similar to the application software which you are going to use.

Let’s say you have installed windows 8 operating system on your computer now the application software must be window based software if you try to install Linux based software it will refuse to run and display you with an error message.

Different Types of Operating System?

There are many operating system which are developed and designed for some special and precise task the leading giant in the software industry is Microsoft Incorporation.

Microsoft has developed some of the best and incredible operating system which has taken the IT sector like a storm and is dominating the computer software industry from more than a decade now.

Due to their continuous testing and doing great advancement in the It sector they are ruling the IT Industry.



Free Open source Software

Linux and Unix are the operating system which are open source in simple words they are free to use and re write any application inside them for better functionality and serve others.

But before starting you must be a good programmer to do it. This operating system are very secure and less threat of virus and hacking attacks are found when user uses this OS.

The application program which are installed in this operating system are Linux based as they do not support any Microsoft platform based software whether it may be system software or Application software.

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