Saturday, 7 October 2017

What is a pen drive?

A pen drive is a USB Devices which directly connects or interacts with the computer using USB [Universal Serial Bus] ports. The shape of this device is pen like therefore the name pen drive.

The pen drives can holds or save or store data permanently which can be text ,images ,doc files ,videos and audios.

The pen drives are usually called as usb flash drives ,thumb drives ,memory stick etc.

Due to its vast advantages pen drives has replaced cd and dvd’s before computer users we using cd and dvd for data storing and transferring as they have many disadvantages the pen drives have replaced them.

USB Pendrive

The major disadvantages of using cd’s and dvd’s are as follows ::

  • They used to be easily damaged or corrupted
  • They were hard to handle
  • Data once stored in them was getting corrupted easily when used excessively
  • The major advantages of using pen drives over other medium.
  • They comes in huge sizes from 2 gb to 256 gb
  • Data transferring rate is high compared to other sources
  • They are easily handle and can be kept in pockets.

As the vast use of data storing has been needed these days people or computer users tend to use pen drives or flash drives more often than not.
They are easily used in every form of data transferring ,copying and storing valuable data from one place to another.

These days they are also used in install operating system to computer and laptops you just need to make or create a bootable pen drive.

There are several ways to create a bootable pendrive .you can make using any free software like rufus or Novicorp win to flash which are extremely easy to use and absolutely free.

Before starting you should take care of the following?

  1. 4 gb or higher pen drive is needed
  2. A iso image or copied operating system files are needed which are present in computer hard disk.

Any free software .
Install the software in computer hard disk and run it .next follow the instructions  properly.

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